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2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Genealogists and their Families
The very best gifts aren’t the biggest or most flashy, when it comes to family it truly is the love and thoughtfulness that go into a gift that makes it extra special. With that in mind, we’ve gathered a list of the 10 best gifts for the whole family. We focused on gifts that allow you to share your family history and spend more quality time together.  To get your wheels turning, we’ve sorted them by
A large family gathered for a portrait on the street.
Did you know that it is legal in all 50 states to marry your second cousin?¹ Your first instinct is probably “Gross!” or is it? What exactly is a second cousin anyway? Genealogy terms have always been difficult to understand, but it’s important to know what they mean, and not just so you know if it’s weird to marry your second cousin or not. If you’ve been looking for a guide on how to properly
A Family Tree Poster with a couple in the middle and family branching out.
Whether your child was given the infamous “family tree assignment” in grade school, or you decided to map it out with great grandma Dorothy to help her pass a rainy afternoon, there is no better time than the present to preserve your ancestors’ stories and your own. Collecting and organizing the details of your family tree can seem like a not-so-simple task, so we’ve compiled everything you need to get your family tree together in
6 Tips for Creating Your Own Family History Book
Every family has a story to tell. Perhaps one of your relatives crossed the country in a wagon on the Oregon Trail, or you can trace your family back beyond Ellis Island. Whatever your story may be, there’s no better way to memorialize the wonderful people that make up your family than by preserving all that history in a book. MyCanvas is the only solution that automatically turns your family data from into a
How to Preserve and Pass Down Your Family’s Best Stories
Stories, especially true stories, affect our lives and can inspire us. The story of someone who overcame circumstances that were stacked against them can bolster your spirits on a tough day. Stories of extraordinary acts of kindness can inspire kindness to spread all around you.  The stories within our family are some of the most influential, and are especially important to preserve for the next generation. But how do you tell these stories in a

Bring your history home

MyCanvas brings people together. We help bond generations by turning family history into art, books and gifts that bring your past into the present.

Family History

Family History Book

Family History Book
Starts at $40

Family History Poster

Family History Poster
Starts at $20