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Whether you’ve already put in the time to gather your genealogy on, or are considering doing just that soon – we are here to provide you with a way to turn those digital records, precious photo files and family stories into shareable keepsakes. As an official partner of, we can turn your research into a beautiful Family Tree Poster or Family History Book in just a few clicks. 

Step 1. Visit

You can use your computer, phone or tablet to visit and take a look at our Family History Products. You can choose if you’d like to make a Poster featuring your family tree, or a Book with more in depth information on each family member. 

Step 2. Connect your Ancestry Account

Click ‘Continue’ on the page for the Family History product you would like to make. Now, you can log in to your account.

If you do not have an account – visit their homepage to set one up and get started on pulling together your family history. It is really fun and impressive just how many public records Ancestry has on file to help you with your research. When you have filled in your family tree to the point that you are ready to turn it into a physical keepsake – come back to MyCanvas to complete the login. 

Step 3. Choose Your Trunk

If you have more than one family tree in your Ancestry account, you will click the one you want to pull data from. You will see your family members pop up. Click the family member you want to start your family tree. Then, click “Preview” to see a mock-up of your creation.

Step 4. Customize Your Creation

You will now get a peek at the book or poster that we have put together from your genealogical records – and, it’s not too late to make changes. Click on any photo or text to edit it. If you would like to replace a photo (or replace a placeholder graphic in the case of a missing photo) you can choose from the photos in your ancestry account, or upload an entirely new photo.

Step 5. Add to Cart and Checkout

Once your preview looks just like you want it to – you’re ready to check out. Choose a shipping method, and let us know where you want your new heirloom shipped. Then, the hard part … waiting. The wait is worth it. Your creation will arrive right at your door ready to enjoy for decades to come.